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Daniel Fawcett

Customer Rating:

With massive excitement of passing my test, I Jumped onto auto trader and saw the car I wanted. Didn't quiet have enough change in my pocket for the bus so made my dad drive here (top bloke). I went to see the one and only seat Ibiza! as unlike most baby faced teens I don't want a nandos edition corsa. So I sat in it and fell a tingly spark in my bum. When I got home I got a loan out (as my mummy and daddy don't pay for me) and returned the next day.
In the end I Brought my first car from here, told them I'll be buying it outright so they knocked off 400 juicy pound for me which went towards some nice new work socks. It only took 3 days until it was ready for collection, but I happened to be in Scotland. Rather kindly they agreed to drop it off at my house for me (also top blokes).
8 months on and I had spent my 400 pound on more than just socks... But also the Ibiza was due its first timing belt change, I was looking around other garages getting quotes. The cheapest I got back was 389.99. Then I asked catalina and they quoted me 170. Which is like a million pennies cheaper if you use "TopGear" maths.
It wasn't quiet right when I picked up the car, and the timing was slightly out. I learnt all about timings though YouTube videos so I understood what the mechanic said to me. But they took the car back in the next morning even though they were busyier than my local ASDAs self check out, and repaired it. now works perfectly and my tingly bum has progressed.
Great service. Would recommend the garage, wouldn't recommend getting a dodgy loan. I miss my left kidney. But so worth it.

Claire Cliff

Customer Rating:

I have bought lots of cars from Catalina over the years and have always been delighted with the service and quality, great cars, great prices and friendly helpful staff.

Dave Buckle

Customer Rating:

I was looking for a VW Golf TDI fortunately Catalina answered my prayers,providing a model at the right price and age.The staff were most helpful and courteous when I needed after sales service ;following a problem with the Central Locking

Liam Goodall

Customer Rating:

Good group of guys, really Friendly and helpful.
Any problems I had with the car I bought were quickly sorted

Omad Zulfiqar

Customer Rating:

Having made the 44 mile journey from my home, I didn't really know what to expect from Catalina of Stanningley. But I must say, during my browsing period, I had gone onto their website, and that only made it more certain that I wanted the vehicle I had found on their stock list. Immediately upon our arrival, everything seemed brilliantly set up and professional. As it is a family run business, you are not pounced on as soon as you hit the sales pitch, as you would at many other dealers. There was a guy walking around, washing all the cars (even in the rain) and it shows too, as all of them are in superb condition. Anyhow, we went into the office, and were greeted by a well presented salesman, who I believe was also the owners son. He took us straight out to the car, unlocked it and left us to make our own mind up. No pressure, no hassle, just sheer quality service. It did not take me long to make my mind up, so as I had my finances in place, it was a matter of them receiving funds, the car being serviced and having its M.O.T renewed for 12 months (which was another bonus). That was done within 24 hours, I rang them on the Thursday, and the collection was arranged for that same Friday. All in all, it took me less than a week to buy my car, made so much easier by the service these guys provide. There was no waiting around to sign documents, just sign when needs be, and off you go.

I could not praise these guys more than I have done. In fact, as I arrived back home with the vehicle, I did a fault diagnostic test, and it came up with a code, indicating the lambada sensor had gone (common with Vauxhall's), so I called Catalina the next day, explained the situation to the gent, and he immediately booked me back in to find the fault. So, off I went back over to Yorkshire. Their very own mechanic carried out a diagnostic of the vehicle in the repair shop, and confirmed that it was the sensor which needed replacing. At this point, I began to wonder how long that would take (expecting him to say days), he got on the phone on the spot, ordered the new part, had it delivered within 30 minutes, fitted within 10 minutes, and handed me back the keys, ready for my own inspection. There were now no error codes, and I was left amazed with the service Catalina provide. All this was done under their warranty.

I could not be happier with the car, or the service I have been provided with. I recommend Catalina of Stanningley to everybody, and will most definitely go back there in the future.

A massive thank you to everybody at Catalina of Stanningley, keep up the good work!

Jo Clayton

Customer Rating:

I first purchased a car from Catalina about 4 years ago. The customer service was great at the time of purchase and after car was great. Any problems with the car and MOT's I always went to Catalina. I had no hesitation going to Catalina when I decided to look for a newer car last month. I purchased a Toyota Yaris and love it. The sale staff and mechanics are always happy to help. Keep up the good work.

Kirk Robinson

Customer Rating:

Excellent service all round. Couldn't be more accommodating in my experience. Even came to pick the car up and drop it back off again at service time!


Customer Rating:

We have always had exceptional service from Catalina. The quality and variety is brilliant something for everyone's price range and style. The mechanic also provides an excellent service and has helped us out on numerous occasions making sure my husbands van was fixed in time for him to start work. From organising MOT's, servicing and sales you get a first rate job every time with Catalina.

Archie Peterson

Customer Rating:

Recently collected my Landrover Discovery from Catalina! First class service. From first phone call I dealt with Tom all the way, they even had the car ready in 3 day!! Thanks Archie from Kirkcaldy.

Claudia Whitlock

Customer Rating:

We received excellent service form the guys at Catalina of Stanninley. Good communications, no nonsense, stress free plate change and generally a pleasure to buy from. I would have no qualms about recommending them for anyone thinking of changing their car.

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